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Fight back at the PUMP... with Conlee Oil!

Get the Card. Get the Specials. Get the Savings on Gas!

Enter the number on the back of your card below - see your recent savings and discounts!

Get Started

Next time you're in Conlee Oil, ask your sales associate for the RETURN and EARN card you see pictured here. There's no application or form to fill out. Just put the card in your wallet or purse and have it ready to use.

How It Works

As you shop inside Conlee Oil for snacks, soft drinks, or munchies, look for the signs that indicate GAS SAVINGS with purchase. For example, a 24 oz. Faygo purchase (just one bottle!) will deposit a 3 cent per gallon discount on your card IF you present the card with your purchase. Then, when you fuel your vehicle next, you can insert the card into the pump, and the price per gallon will drop by 3 cents (up to 20 gallons).

The Best Part!

Your "Cents Off" accrue, or accumulate for up to 90 days after each qualifying purchase. So, if you stop by twice a week, and purchase an item in store (candy bar or snack, just like you usually do) with a 3 cent per gallon incentive each time, and you do this 12 weeks — that's up to 75 cents off per gallon when you insert your loyalty card before fueling!

The Rules

You must have a return and earn card, and it must be presented to Sales Clerk at the time of purchase. The card will only accrue value when specially marked items are purchased. The value awarded may vary from item to item, but will usually be 2 or 3 "Cents Off" per gallon. The "Cents Off" awarded to card will be valid for 90 days from the date of purchase. You can combine accrued "Cents Off" to reduce your TOTAL discount to 1 cent below the price per gallon at the time you redeem your "Cents Off" at the pump. For example, if you have a total accrued value of 3.25 "Cents Off" return and earn loyalty card, and gas is $3.26 per gallon, you'll pay only 1 cent per gallon - for a maximum of 20 gallons. At the time you redeem your "Cents Off", you will start the accrual again with a zero "Cents Off" per gallon, just like the moment you first put the card in your wallet or purse. If you have any questions, please ask a sales associate.